Our Ethos

The Seer & Wilde Girl

She’s a modern day beach babe. The Seer & Wilde girl craves authenticity – she’s gentle yet fearless in her quest to find herself. An environmentalist, who fights for those who have no voice and she’s not afraid to speak her mind. She’s effortless in her approach to fashion, and doesn’t follow trends. A feminist to her core, and a supporter of all women.

The story behind the brand
Words by founder, Ashleigh Sweden

Seer & Wilde has been born, not only to provide good quality swimwear & resort wear, but to also do good in this world. I want the Seer & Wilde customer to not only feel good wearing our pieces, but to also have the opportunity to make a positive impact each time you make a purchase. The fast fashion industry takes its toll on a global scale and I want to open people’s eyes to the impact it has on our environment, and all those involved. I want our customers to wear Seer & Wilde with pride, knowing that by purchasing our product, you clean up oceans, save rainforests, and contribute to numerous organisations – most importantly, the people who produce it are paid fair wages, and are in clean, healthy environments.

I have always wanted to help clean up the world for my future children and loved ones. I feel embarrassed at the impact we have made on Mother Earth. Being the Seer that I am, I wanted to find something I loved doing, while giving me the opportunity to influence others, and help those less fortunate. I will be rotating our organisations so we can impact a vast variety. We should want to leave the world a better place than we found it.

As an avid people, animal and earth lover, I needed the brand to reflect my passion for mankind, Mother Earth, and all its creatures. Achieving this by creating timeless, quality garments that are environmentally friendly. New Zealand summers consist of lazy days at the beach, with our loved ones – it’s also the place I feel most vulnerable to my insecurities, so I wanted women, of all backgrounds, shapes and sizes to wear product that make them feel fearless.

The Seer & Wilde brand has you, the customer, in mind always; easy styles and classic shapes, to wear forever. With so many women having many insecurities, I want you to wear product that makes you feel beautiful, and confident whether it be at the beach, around the pool, or just lounging in the sun with your friends.

Everything we do creates a ripple and I want to know I have made an impact in the lives of others, and future generations. Seer & Wilde allows us to do that.

Finally, I'd like to thank you for your support and for choosing a more ethical approach to fashion. I am always wanting to grow and improve so please contact me directly if you have any queries at ash@seerandwilde.co.nz

Ash x