Our Ethos

The Seer & Wilde Women

The Seer women; A highly sensitive women, who’s affected deeply by the pain of others. She cuts through inauthenticity, she’s thoughtful, loving and loyal.

 The Wilde women; A fierce women, who’s courageous, a game changer and an activist of the world.
She is not afraid to speak her mind; she is here to bring justice.
You cannot restrain her, she is boundless.

 A feminist to her core, and a supporter of all women.

Words by founder, Ashleigh Sweden

Seer & Wilde was created to offer women a curated wardrobe that can support you through the ebb and flow of life.

 Through my own frustrations, I wanted to design pieces that were gentle on our bodies, and gentle on the earth. Our resort wear collection is made entirely from natural fibres such as linen, organic cotton and hemp. Our sustainable swimwear is made from man-made ocean waste.

 I needed the label to reflect my passion for ethical fashion, human rights, minimalism and the environment – so you can wear Seer & Wilde with pride, knowing that by purchasing our product, you clean up oceans, save rainforests, and contribute to numerous organisations – but most importantly, the people who produce it are paid fair wages, and are in clean, healthy environments.

 Thank you for your support and for choosing a more ethical approach to fashion. I am always wanting to grow and improve so please contact me directly if you have any queries at ash@seerandwilde.co.nz

Ash x