About Seer & Wilde

Seer & Wilde is about Connection, Freedom and Acceptance.

Connecting to the earth, giving back and being involved in the community. To be fearlessly free, by being exactly who we are meant to be. Freedom to stand up for what we believe in and to speak our truth.
Accepting our dualities by embracing all sides of ourselves, the good and the bad, the dark and the light. Accepting our inner self and doing the work needed to help ourselves heal.

This helps create a mindful life: by being present, being aware, appreciation, self reflection and taking action.

Words by founder, Ashleigh Sweden

Life is overwhelming, messy and cluttered. We are busier than ever, which also means we are more disconnected than ever from the natural world. I created Seer & Wilde to offer timeless, effortlessly feminine pieces that were easily worn year round, and that my community could feel more connected just by wearing it. More connected to themselves, and more connected to mother nature because every piece of fibre we use has come from the land or sea.

I wanted to create a sustainable, mindful wardrobe for the ocean lovers, the environmentalists who feel responsible for protecting mother nature, and for the mindful mother who is exhausted and puts herself as a low priority in this world.

Every piece I design I try to encompass this fearless, sensitive woman who needs easy care, minimalism and femininity in their wardrobe so they can wear our pieces like armour while they battle the ups and downs of life.

Seer & Wilde constantly evolves because I'll continue to grow, learn and adjust to make sure I'm meeting your needs and expectations. When I became a mother I realised I needed my pieces to be accommodating to women who are pregnant, breastfeeding and postpartum because I now understand the importance of finding clothing and swimwear in all different stages of life.

Seer & Wilde will never be stagnant, as it constantly evolves and changes as we do. Which is why I drop new styles when the label is ready to offer something else - not when the fashion industry expects me to, but because my community has asked for it.

Ash xx


Thank you for your support and for choosing a more ethical approach to fashion. I am always wanting to grow and improve so please contact me directly if you have any queries at ash@seerandwilde.co.nz.