Introducing Wā Collective.

An organisation that I love, and believe in. Run by amazing, empowering women who are making waves and talking about all things menstrual.

Wā Collective connects people with their bodies and to our land. They are on a mission to end period poverty, period waste and the period taboo.

Wā Collective sells ethically crafted, zero waste produced menstrual cups. They are the real plastic free deal. A Wā Cup is safe, easy to use and is leak free. They subsidise these same high quality menstrual cups to students in need throughout Aotearoa. They also provide free Wā Cups to Women’s Health Collective’s nationwide.

“They are all about bashing down the bloody taboo too - giving everyone permission to chat about something that’s natural, healthy and normal. They are period with purpose”.

How they started

Two years ago they realised we couldn't afford how we were managing periods. Upon completing the first research of its type in NZ they found:

  • ⅓ NZ students have skipped class due to not having access to menstrual products

  • NZ sends 357 million disposable menstrual products to landfill annually

  • We still struggle to talk about periods!

They give energy to this space because they’ve experienced the implications of poverty and menstruation; what happens when we don’t have access, when we don’t understand our bodies or listen to our land - versus when we do.

Their progress

After only one year of their full impact model they have:

  • Prevented over 1 million disposables from entering landfill

  • Saved menstruators over $350,000 they’d otherwise be spending on disposables

  • Alleviated 2500 people from the line of period poverty in NZ

  • Catalysed tens of thousands of positive conversations, across all genders


“Periods are still taboo. We’ve been taught, for generations not to talk about this, to hide, to be ashamed. Know that by you talking about this, you are giving others permission to do this too, which is empowering, and intrinsic if we are ever going to end period poverty and tackle other issues of uterine health”.

I love this cause, and as women I think its super important we start talking about these topics. Period poverty is a real thing, and ever since I learnt about it I have always wanted to help and contribute in some way. So moving forward, every purchase made with Seer & Wilde, 5% of the profits will be donated to Wā Collective.

Also if you haven’t tried their menstrual cups, I suggest you do. Not only are they good for our insides, they are good for the planet too.

Ash x