Wilde Wellness: (Skincare) Ditch the chemicals for cucumbers

Let's talk about skincare. It’s a topic that I have spoken about before as I believe it's really important because it seems to be overlooked when we are making decisions regarding our health. Our skin is our biggest organ, with everything we put on it being directly absorbed into our bloodstream, so it has the ability to harm or to heal us.

On my own personal journey through health and wellness, skincare was the first thing I looked into. I personally think a lot of cosmetics are grossly over marketed, overrated, toxic and add harmful chemicals to our bodies. To be honest, this subject really upsets and frustrates me, as I don’t think we hold enough people accountable for spreading misinformation and marketing schemes by brands and influencers. I genuinely want to help my community fight against an industry that sees us as a dollar sign, as well as help you realise your beauty does not depend on a product sold by an industry that needs us to feel like we aren’t enough. I want to remind you how plants can heal our skin and our bodies. You do not need to spend thousands of dollars a year on anti-wrinkle cream, and expensive moisturisers that are full of chemicals and dangerous fragrances. 

It seems that everything has chemicals in it these days, and we are so unaware of it. Our skincare should not have chemicals in it, nor should they be filled with ingredients that put a bandaid on the problem rather than actually help us fix the core issue.

I have been studying this for the past year. Reading and learning everything I can, and I wanted to share what I have learnt, as well as give you an honest, natural skincare routine that heals and works, long term. It doesn't make a difference if you have sensitive skin, acne prone skin or eczema - this routine will help. 

This skincare routine consists of Cucumber, Certified Organic Plants and Irish Moss.

- The best thing I ever did was use cucumber on my face.

Buy x1 organic cucumber and put it in the freezer. When you get out of the shower, dry your face, get the cucumber out of the freezer - slice off the top layer (so you have a fresh part) - then apply the cucumber all over your face and neck. Apply for 2 minutes. When finished, return the cucumber to the freezer, and leave your face to air dry. Do this daily before going to bed (I also do this in the morning sometimes so it’s really up to you how often you do it).

Cucumber is amazing for your skin, as it’s 96 percent water (which our skin craves, as a lot of skin issues are directly linked to our skin being severely dehydrated). Cucumber has also been proven to reduce swelling and puffiness, it cleanses the skin and tightens pores (which can also reduce breakouts).

This is also a great idea before applying make up, as hot water/steam from your shower slightly opens your pores and makes them more susceptible to breakouts and irritation whereas the cold cucumber actually helps close your pores, and acts as a protective barrier.

Certified Organic Plant Oil - I apply my face oil every morning and sometimes at night, depending on whether I apply cucumber to my face. I have been using oils ever since I researched the effects of absorbing chemicals into our blood system via our cosmetics and I made the decision to try organic, botanical skincare. Honestly, once you find the right oil combination - It doesn't matter if you have dry, oily, acne prone skin - It will work for you. Putting herbs and plants on my skin was the best decision I could have made. My skin has never been better, and with using such a small amount each time, it lasts a really long time compared to standard moisturisers.

I also have a separate oil I apply to the rest of my body, morning and night. Never apply body oil to your face unless it's suggested otherwise. Certain oils are amazing for your skin, but should not be used on your face due to irritability, a lower absorption rate, and are not good for acne prone skin so ensure you are always checking.

When buying oils for your face and/or body these are some of the oils you want on the ingredients list - jojoba oil, rosehip oil, camellia oil, grape seed oil, almond oil, aloe vera oil, avocado oil, sea buckthorn oil and evening primrose oil -  some of these are suited better for your face and others are suited better for your body. Some oils also include essential oils, but I’d recommend looking these up first as essential oils can be an irritant, and are not always recommended for pregnancy so always research the ingredients list before purchasing.

Plant skincare 
is revitalising and restorative, it soothes, moisturises, hydrates and prevents acne. It is anti-aging, and is high in essential fatty acids, and Vitamin C. It helps regenerate damaged skin cells, improves skin hydration and helps reduce skin inflammation - It also helps protect your skin from age spots and increased pigmentation.

I personally use our Wilde Wellness organic botanical skincare which is available online now - To view our collection click here.

Irish Moss (Sea Moss) - I use this once a week. Apply Irish Moss to your face, and let it sit for as long as you would like (minimum 10 minutes) then wash off.

Irish Moss is a skincare powerhouse. It is high in minerals and vitamins, has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that can help combat acne and aging skin (also amazing to use on your eczema and psoriasis). It's also extremely hydrating for your skin. It tightens, softens and can pull toxins from your face leaving you with healthier looking skin, immediately.

It is also incredible for your hair as it's rich in Vitamin E which helps improve hair growth, soothe scalp irritation and improve the overall health of your hair. So it's perfect for a hair mask too.

Not only is Irish Moss amazing for our skin, it is a superfood. Irish Moss contains 92 minerals out of the 102 that the body needs to function. It helps with anxiety, boosts energy, detoxes the body, supports thyroid health, immune health and fertility (a scoop of this in your morning smoothie is a game changer).

This is a product you need to have in your house. I have also just posted a blog with how to make Irish Moss gel, and where to get it from. Link here.

That's it for my skincare routine.

Let's talk Makeup - honestly, I don’t have much knowledge in this area as I don't really wear makeup but when I do I only use Inika Organic Makeup. Makeup also has a lot of chemicals that actually damage our skin, so it's important that you try and use products that are organic and have very few ingredients in them (or embrace your natural beauty and try limit how often you actually wear it) please remember that every time you apply something to your body, the ingredients list is what is absorbed into your bloodstream.

If you take one thing away from this blog, I want it to be this. Please start reading the ingredients list, and look up every ingredient used. I search every word listed on the back of a product and it will shock you to find out what some of those words actually mean. 

Thank you so much for reading, and I really hope this can help you. I would love to hear about your skincare journey as well as your feedback if you decide to try my recommended skincare products.

Talk soon, Ash xx