This little magic pill that fixes our cramps, skips our periods, gets rid of acne, balances out our weight and keeps our boyfriends happy.

Have you ever taken the time to research the side effects of The Pill?

I never did. I was put on the pill at 15 years old due to heavy flow and cramps. Twelve years later I decided to go off the pill. I was getting older, was engaged to be married and had heard it can take your body a year or so to get back to its natural state so I decided to go off it so I wouldn’t have any trouble conceiving.

When we were younger we got put on the pill to help ease the pain when sometimes we just needed to roll through it {I understand that some girls needed to go on the pill, and have far worse periods and side effects than others} but I was not one of them. I was up and down but instead of allowing my hormones to balance out naturally, I was put on the pill which technically just sugar-coated the problem. Twelve years down the track I am having to deal with it.

Now, nearly one year after going off the pill I had gained 5kgs, my moods were all over the place, my energy levels were at an all-time low and my sex drive was up and down. I was having to start from scratch with my hormones and try to reverse the harm I had caused my body. It has not been an easy journey and I still have a way to go, but I am very grateful for the process and for sticking to my guns. If I had listened to the noise I would still be on the pill and battling this later down the track.

I went to see Dr Libby not long ago and she explains it perfectly. The effect of our generation being put on the pill at such a young age is only really coming to light now, especially with so many women struggling to conceive. Menstruating and conceiving is as natural as it gets for women. It’s what we are born to do. To create life. To suppress that for so long and pump our bodies with chemicals to stop that process may have a bigger effect that we could have ever imagined.


 “I particularly liked her discussion on the fact that so many young girls are prescribed the pill out of convenience or ease (eg to fit in with sporting schedules, or to avoid period cramps) before other options are fully explored. Dr Libby says that the problem with this, is that when we are young and first starting our periods, the messaging system between our brains and our ovaries is new and tenuous. Like a goat track…

When our brains are sending out the chemical messengers to say “Hellooooo, it’s period time!”, the messengers are following this sketchy goat track, and sometimes get lost along the way, or it takes a bit longer etc. Hence our periods can often be quite haphazard and irregular when we are starting out. But given enough time, this goat track can turn into a super-highway-of-womanly-goodness. Which is great – the messengers know exactly where to go and how to get there. The pathway is fully developed. Dr Libby’s issue is that when girls go on the pill too early, before the highway has had a chance to develop, they can potentially be opening themselves up to trouble in the future. When they go off the pill in their late twenties or thirties in order to fall pregnant, all of a sudden their bodies are having to re-establish the pathway without chemical assistance, and… Well, the goats can get lost. I thought this was fascinating. I have a number of friends in this exact position, and I think further education is really important: girls should know what they are putting in their bodies, they should know all the alternative options, and they should know all the potential consequences down the (goat) track”.

I was very vocal to my partner about no longer wanting to be on the pill, and sure Jordan wasn’t excited about the idea but to be honest he didn’t have a choice. I was doing this for me and if he wasn’t on board then we would have a serious problem.

I know so many girls who have told me how much they want to come off the pill but their partners “won’t let them”. Girls, if your partner loves and respects you then this shouldn’t be a battle for you. The later you leave it, the older you will be trying to fix the damage. Don’t get me wrong, some girls will have no side effects but you won’t know until you come off it. If a man cares more about wearing a condom than the health of your body, then maybe we need to start re-evaluating the people we are choosing to be with. This is your body, and you get to choose what you put in it. End of story.

When women take ‘the pill’ what happens to the body is a kind of trickery of miscommunication. The body believes it is pregnant and ceases to produce eggs. When we deny the natural state of the body, we are altering our process of evolution. If we are telling the body we don’t need our fertility, perhaps it is not too distant that infertility will be widespread. How far can we go with our denial of nature? How much can we take? – Hemp Temple.

The more educated we are the better decisions we will make for ourselves and for our daughters.

Ash x