Seer & Wilde - Restructure.

I am always thinking about ways to improve how I run Seer & Wilde. How to make it more ethical, more sustainable and to offer you the highest quality product without it being completely unaffordable.

Since becoming pregnant, I’ve been thinking a lot about how I can make the label more sustainable for you and for my family. To be honest I also needed to figure out a way to keep growing the label in a more affordable way so I have decided to restructure Seer & Wilde.

Moving forward from Summer 19, Seer & Wilde will be stripped back.

Over the last few months I have been working endlessly to design core styles for Seer & Wilde. Styles that you can wear forever, that are trans-seasonal, high quality and that all our women can wear and feel beautiful in. It is very important to me to design styles that can adapt to you and grow with you. Our bodies are constantly changing so I want our styles to be reliable pieces throughout your life.

In our resort wear I will be offering twelve shapes. Twelve shapes that I believe in and truly love.

These twelve styles will be offered in eight colourways that sit well with the label and with who we are. We will also run small limited-edition colour drops twice a year to ensure our ladies can purchase one off exclusive pieces. We will be carrying minimal stock and offering a made to order service, so every resort wear piece will be made with love, just for you.

Our swimwear will also be stripped back. I’ve been working tirelessly to update and design the perfect shapes for you. We will now be offering core shapes, what I like to call “essentials” – These shapes and styles will be offered in Black, with new colours creeping in every now and then. Black seems to be a customer favourite in our swimwear and to be honest, financially I can’t afford to be constantly dropping new colourways and putting up the large minimums that are needed so we are going to start simple.

Simple, perfect fitting swimwear, that makes you feel good.

I want to make less options and put all my emphasis on the styles we do carry.

Make less, but make it better. Better quality and a better fit.

There is so much time, money and wastage in constantly sampling new styles (especially when half of them don’t even make the cut) – I started to feel so much pressure to be dropping new styles all the time and to keep up with other brands, but I have decided to step back and be true to who I am, and who the label is. To be more sustainable and to grow within our values I need it to work better for you, as well as for myself. This way, I still get to use the best fabrics possible, sell a high-quality product and offer you a range of forever styles.

I’m so excited about what’s to come.

Now I’ll have more time and energy to put back into our community, more money to spend on the things that truly matter and to keep feeling proud of the work we are doing here.

I am always so grateful for the love and support from our Wilde Women.

See you soon,

Ashleigh xx

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